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Photo credit: MM/Črt Piksi
Photo credit: MM/Črt Piksi

Hello dear FINE lover and wellcome to this page. It was initially launched as the spot to find out interesting stuff about Slovenian wine back in 2008. Since then it has seen it all, at least 3 theme changes, interesting stuff and also a long hiatus … Since it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary, time has come for a huge overhaul. Finally I’m starting it allover, fresh, sparkling and with the intent to speak about wine, dine and other interesting stuff.

I am Valentin Bufolin and I am a passionate winelover from Slovenia. I enjoy tasting wine, discovering its aromas, flavors and learning as much as I can from it, but I aslo enjoy food, good company, friends, spending quality time with my family and discovering interesting locations around the globe.


How I gathered my knowledge?

I am coming form a catering family therefore my thurst for knowledge has lead me to finish 3rd level Sommelier course at Slovenia’s Sommelier association where I’m aslo Chairman of the supervisory board and help with courses. I have successfully concluded also 2nd level course at Italy’s AIS FVG and graduated in the course for the tester for organoleptic evaluation of wine, must and other products made of grape. This has allowed me to judge several comeptitions, including:

  • Malvasia festival Portorose 2015
  • Slovenian wine festival 2015
  • Malvasia festival Portorose 2016
  • Slovenian wine festifal 2016
  • Refosco wine festival Marezige 2016
  • Malvasia festival Portorose 2017
  • Slovenian wine festival 2017
  • Sparkling wine festival Portorose 2017
  • Vinistra, Malvasia grand prix 2018
  • Malvasia festival Portorose 2019

This all has helped me host several seminars and masterclasses in both Slovenia and Italy.

I’m honoured to be the Sommelier national vice champion in the year 2018 as a direct result of this wine soaked career.

Since 2019 I have been elected as vice president of the Slovenian Sommelier association.

What to expect here?

Wine category certainly points to a selection of posts about wine, winemakers, wineregions and news. Hopefully you’ll find some valuable idea on what to taste, where to go for your next winetrip or where to make your next purchase.

Dine category is meant to show you some interesting coulinary tips, some nice places worth visiting for spoiling your taste buds, maybe even some recipies, or just ideas on what to do in an easy, confy and quick way.

Everything fine is the most open category, here you’ll find most open topics that don’t fit into any of the previous mentioned ones.

Contact me!

If you have any additional questions, suggestions, propositions, want me to write a review of your wine, want to chat, have a glass of wine… feel free to contact me.

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Mobile: + 386 41 443 116
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