BioSing zaseka

BioSing – taking salami and sausages to the next level, literally!

BioSing stands for Bio – Salami – Engineering and is the child of David Lesar, a genius and, from what I’ve experienced, a guy who perfected the art of meat fermentation by modernising the techniques of his ancestors, merging them…

Reservoir dogs - Azza

Reservoir dogs – Azza

Azza, 2019 – the “Wine side story” from one of the most renowned Slovenian breweries, Reservoir dogs … A special beer that refermented with indigenous yeasts in barrels roaring from Klinec. Amber, cloudy with petite bubbles and thin, short head….

Weekend escape: Strolling through the streets of Rovinj

I love walking through streets of old cities and towns. The more history they hold the more details you can find and admire. Rovinj is one fine example of it. It existed already as a settlement of the Veneti and…

Vuk Vuletić - champion (center), Đurđa Katić, Ivan Nikolić (far right), Ivan Peršolja president of Slovenian sommelier association (2nd from left) and myself

Vuk Vuletić – best sommelier of Balkans

Belgrade, the capital of sommelier mastery … Yes, it is precisely this title that Serbia’s capital should have been nicknamed this past week-end. The setting – the luxurious Hyatt Regency hotel, the directors – SERSA (Serbian Sommelier Association), the star…