Faladur – a delightful stop

Faladur is one of the recent additions to Vipava’s culinary offerings. It was in March when Matej Lavrenčič with his wife Neža finally moved from Ajdovščina into the renovated Guštin house just close to one of the seven springs of the Vipava river.

We had the pleasure of dining recently, and this is a must-stop for thirsty and hungry travellers. A large selection of Vipava valley wines and some from the region, plus some Champagne and something like 40 wines by the glass – yes, 40! 🍷

The current menu features a summer and traditional choice, and we opted for the latter.

Hors d’oeuvre came in the form of roasted prosciutto with a spoonful of ricotta rolled in fresh herbs.

Then cold-cut delicacies from local farmers, with butter, pate and fermented veggies.

Jota was delicate and, as in tradition, made with fermented turnip, topped with sausage brittle roasted on butter.

Frtalja – a traditional fried dish made of egg, flour and water dough was spiced with herbs, and lemon balm and served over cottage cheese.

The Isabella 🍇 sorbetto was enhanced with lavender, and sparkling wine pleasantly refreshed our palate, only to prepare us for the next dish.

Polenta with roasted prosciutto and crackles that came with a cup of homemade yoghurt you could top over it.

And for the finish – sweet Vipavski štruklji.

You should pin Faladur on your next stop as they will spoil you with delicious treats made with ingredients sourced from local producers and, of course, expressive wines.

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