BioSing – taking salami and sausages to the next level, literally!

BioSing stands for Bio – Salami – Engineering and is the child of David Lesar, a genius and, from what I’ve experienced, a guy who perfected the art of meat fermentation by modernising the techniques of his ancestors, merging them with his academic knowledge.

Sausages and salami without additives – this is what you can read on the label, and this is true. Only finest cuts of meat and fat, non-iodised Piran salt, spices, Cognac and wine – this is what his delicacies are made of. Ultimately gently spiced with cold beech wood smoke. Even meat is sourced following the lunar calendar – no compromises, nothing is left to chance here.

A visit at BioSing starts with the presentation of the production process and finishes with an amazing tasting packed with selected wines (preferably organic) to pare such tasty slices.

Zaseka, 🐖pork sausage, game sausage and pork salami, 🦌deer salami and 🐻bear salami. What a display of fermented cuts, aromas and flavours 🤤

When you think you’ve tasted it all in such flavourful awe, 3 slices are placed on the platter.

  • ✔️ 5 years aged pork salami
  • ✔️ 7 years aged deer salami
  • ✔️ 11 years aged bear salami

What an umami-packed delight! Unbelievable, yet intense, deep and lasting. Something each lover of meat should try!

And, 🍷 wine lovers – this is not just salami heaven, it’s a wine paradise too! David probably owns one of the biggest private wine collections, some of which can be served by demand while enjoying David’s wonderful treats.

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