Weekend escape: Strolling through the streets of Rovinj

I love walking through streets of old cities and towns. The more history they hold the more details you can find and admire. Rovinj is one fine example of it.

It existed already as a settlement of the Veneti and was then captured by the Romans, who named it Arupinium or Mons Rubineus, and later Ruginium and Ruvinium.

Originally, as an island it was merged with the mainland only in 1763.

It was one of the most important towns in Istria during the governance of the Republic of Venice and more.

Being of an important strategic interest for many exchanging governments and kingdoms it has left influences all over the old town.

Lose yourself

Narrow streets, picturesque tall buildings, paved floors and more, it just calls to get lost, walk and discovering it. And the old town has found shelter to many artistic galleries, besides restaurants and bars.

Cosy and sweet indulgence

Strolling through the streets and alleys lifts a kinda nostalgic feel and a thirst for cosiness. This is probably what owners and architects of Hotel Adriatic envisioned for wanderers of all kinds.

Positioned at the main square and facing the sea it gets noticed straight away. Sofas, fauteuils, hassocks … like a comfy cloud of softness in the shades of grey, fitted for the occasional seat of a thirsty traveler.

Their wine list features a lovely selection of wines. The focus is on local winemakers but you’ll find also internationally acclaimed names. And the deserts … ah, if you have a sweet tooth you simply MUST go there.

We hit the jackpot with their lemon tart and cheesecake and a glass of sparkles.

A nice getaway

Rovinj is an ideal destination if you’re looking to escape the fuzz and just enjoy some time off, especially now that it’s off season. It’s calm, quiet and feels like the rhythm has stopped.

Most of the restaurants are closed now, so plan to travel inland for some delicious eats, after all their main touristic season starts in-between May and September.

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