Joannes Protner - Argo rosé, 2020

Joannes Protner – Argo rosé, 2020

It is time for some Slovene Styria Argo, which we will be tasting through Joannes Protner‘s Argo rose. A lovely rose which they launched this spring and combines Blaufränkisch and Žametovka. The production follows grape selection and gentle, whole-bunch pressing…

Colnar - Cviček PTP, 2020

Colnar – Cviček PTP, 2020

Time to look at a peculiar wine from Dolenjska. Tonight we’ll speak about Cviček, a wine so distinctive it bears the PTP designation. It’s traditional to the Dolenjska region and known for its red fruit aromas and pronounced refreshing character….

Kupljen - Skywalker, 2018

Kupljen – Skywalker, 2018

Drive the horses, dust the bolides and start that famous march written by the legendary John Williams in 1977. I’m talking about the march “Fanfare and prologue“, which greets us at the beginning of the famous science-fiction franchise. It could…

Kobal - Modra frankinja Luna, 2016

Kobal – Modra frankinja Luna, 2016

We’re heading back to the district of Bizeljsko – Sremič to look at the result of optimal growing conditions for Blaufränkisch and meticulous vinification methods. We’re returning to the Kobal family to look at their selection of Blaufränkisch, which we…