Jelenič - Chardonnay Excellent, 2018

Jelenič – Chardonnay Excellent, 2018

Let’s head today to Dolenjska to taste a gorgeous, full-bodied rendition of Chardonnay, produced by the Jelenič family that fermented spontaneously and matured in barrique barrels. I’ve been following Jelenič wines for about three years now. My first contact with…

Batič - Angel selekcija white, 2018

Batič – Angel selekcija white, 2018

The night feels suitable to open one of those wines that simply everyone looks after when looking at a wine list. Miha Batič‘s Angel selekcija white, a blend of grapes matured in barriques and produced only in the best vintages….

Kozinc - Chardonnay selekcija, 2017

Kozinc – Chardonnay selekcija, 2017

Dolenjska offers such a variety of landscapes it simply calls for discovering, meeting open-minded, happy people and tasting local wines. And this Chardonnay selekcija produced at Kozinc shows an additional character of an oak matured expression that simply enchants. I’m…

Radgonske Gorice - Untouched by light, 2016

Radgonske Gorice – Untouched by light, 2016

Finally, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting something that generated quite some buzz in the last two years. I’m speaking of Radgonske Gorice‘s Untouched by light. A sparkle where producers took a lot of care to prevent any exposure to…