Spiny lobster with almond mousse and crumble, garlic-infused ring and fried asparagus tips

A retreat ad Divina, Dobrovo castle Brda

Finally, things are normalising, and restaurants are reopening. It’s actually with absolute joy we follow the industry’s opening, so neglected and forgotten during the crazy Covid-19 times … And let’s not forget, Slovenia is this year’s European region of gastronomy….

Erzetič - Cabernet sauvignon Amfora, 2016

Erzetič – Cabernet Sauvignon Amfora, 2016

We’re returning to the Erzetič family in the village of Višnjevik, Brda. Last time we had a look at their Pokalca, this time we’ll have a closer look at a wine that is quite a rare gem stylistically. I’m talking…


Vinart Grand tasting – some of my highlights

Hello, wine-lovers! I’ve been invited by Charine Tan of “Exotic Wine Travel” to attend one of, if not the … Croatia’s biggest wine events – “Vinart Grand tasting“. And boy, oh boy what a treat this was! Among the organizers…

Brda home of Rebula, a masterclass you should see

Rebula – a wine that leaves its mark and combines territories that are historically united to be only divided by the border, nothing else … If you’re at Vinitaly here’s why you shouldn’t miss the masterclass and grand vertical tasting…