Kristančič - Cabernet Sauvignon Pavó, 2016

Kristančič – Cabernet Sauvignon Pavó, 2016

Let’s head tonight to a producer whose Cabernet Sauvignon attracts and most of all, delivers. Especially the one released under the Pavó line. We’re at the Kristančič family in Medana, having a look at their Cabernet Sauvignon Pavó 2016. My…

Kristančič - Pavó Belo, 2018

Kristančič – Pavó Belo, 2018

Let’s head to Brda today, to Medana where villagers hosted the traditional Rožnca. A procession in honour of today’s festivity – Virgin Mary’s Assumption. An occasion that unites people and to where winemakers bring and present their wines to visitors….