Marjan Simčič - Rebula Cru Selection, 2018

Marjan Simčič – Rebula Cru Selection, 2018

Time to head to Brda to taste the latest edition of a marvellously produced Rebula, marked by extensive maceration and ageing in large oak barrels produced by Marjan Simčič. Grapes have been hand-harvested at vineyards Medana, Jama and Jordano aged…

Batič - Angel selekcija white, 2018

Batič – Angel selekcija white, 2018

The night feels suitable to open one of those wines that simply everyone looks after when looking at a wine list. Miha Batič‘s Angel selekcija white, a blend of grapes matured in barriques and produced only in the best vintages….

Kristian Keber - Brda, 2017

Kristian Keber – Brda, 2017

The night calls for an artisanal, characterful wine produced in the old, artisanal ways. We’re in Brda’s village of Plešivo, where Kristian Keber crafts this archaic but pristine expression of the terroir in his only produced blend, simply named Brda….

Spiny lobster with almond mousse and crumble, garlic-infused ring and fried asparagus tips

A retreat ad Divina, Dobrovo castle Brda

Finally, things are normalising, and restaurants are reopening. It’s actually with absolute joy we follow the industry’s opening, so neglected and forgotten during the crazy Covid-19 times … And let’s not forget, Slovenia is this year’s European region of gastronomy….

Guerila - Retro selection white, 2018

Guerila – Retro selection white, 2018

We’re returning to the slopes of Planina to one of the most iconic wine cellars overseeing the whole of the upper Vipava Valley. We’re at Guerila, and we’ll have a look at their Vipavec expression, a blend of Pinela, Zelen,…