Kristian Keber - Brda, 2017

Kristian Keber – Brda, 2017

The night calls for an artisanal, characterful wine produced in the old, artisanal ways. We’re in Brda’s village of Plešivo, where Kristian Keber crafts this archaic but pristine expression of the terroir in his only produced blend, simply named Brda….

Fornazarič - Jakot, 2013

Fornazarič – Jakot, 2013

For tonight I’ve chosen Fornazarič‘s Jakot. A wine dressed in black to symbolize its attentive production process with maceration, maturation in oak and long bottle-ageing in the cellar. Try reading Jakot backwards, and you’ll soon learn what’s the grape variety…

Movia - Exto Gredič, 2019

Movia – Exto Gredič, 2019

Movia – Exto Gredič, 2019 Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik Oh, what I wine for tonight! And what a winemaker we’re looking at. A real wine institution, which celebrated a respectful 200 years in 2020. We’re at Aleš Kristančič, the…