Joannes Protner - Natura, 2017

Joannes Protner – Natura, 2017

Tonight’s pick is a wine looking to challenge common perceptions and the winemaker’s mind—a blend of Welschriesling and Yellow muscat produced in a way to add a new dimension. I’m speaking extended maceration and soaking of whole berries with maturation…

Batič - Angel selekcija white, 2018

Batič – Angel selekcija white, 2018

The night feels suitable to open one of those wines that simply everyone looks after when looking at a wine list. Miha Batič‘s Angel selekcija white, a blend of grapes matured in barriques and produced only in the best vintages….

Gjerkeš - Laški rizling, 2017

Gjerkeš – Laški rizling, 2017

We’re moving to Prekmurje today, a region we haven’t yet touched. We’re stopping at Gjerkeš to taste their expression of Laški rizling (Welschriesling), produced with protective care. I’ve been following Gjerkeš wines for quite some time, and they produce some…

M, enostavno dobra vina – Tree, 2017

M, enostavno dobra vina – Tree, 2017

Let’s return to the hilly Štajerska Slovenija to look at a unique blend named Tree. A wine composed of 50 % Chardonnay, 30 % Sauvignon and 20 % Welschriesling produced by refinement in large oak barrels. We’re at M, simply…

Fedora - Goli breg white, 2018

Fedora – Goli breg white, 2018

Today’s wine is a blend of traditional grapes assembled to form a wine that locals from the Vipava valley refer to as a “Vipavec”. What better choice than Fedora‘s Goli breg white. A concrete egg, acacia and oak barrel matured…

Theodosius inn, a hidden gem in Vipava valley

This felt almost like a picturesque fairy-tale. Friday evening, alone with my best half Teja, and a reservation at the place that’s been spoken of a lot lately. Located in the village of Vrhoplje, which is believed to be the…