Burja - Stranice, 2018

Burja estate – Stranice, 2018

Time to look at a wine that looks to the ancestors, that merges tradition with contemporary winemaking techniques to create a remarkable wine. We’re at Burja estate, speaking of Stranice, a field blend produced by fermentation in concrete eggs. Stranice…

Doppler - Doppler Cuvée, 2020

Doppler – Doppler Cuvée, 2020

Let’s return to the Kopše family, at their beautiful estate and their wines, crafted and presented under the name Doppler. Tonight we’ll look at their Cuvée, a blend of their white grapes produced with classical procedures. Doppler’s Cuvée consists of…

Colnar - Cviček PTP, 2020

Colnar – Cviček PTP, 2020

Time to look at a peculiar wine from Dolenjska. Tonight we’ll speak about Cviček, a wine so distinctive it bears the PTP designation. It’s traditional to the Dolenjska region and known for its red fruit aromas and pronounced refreshing character….

Joannes Protner - Natura, 2017

Joannes Protner – Natura, 2017

Tonight’s pick is a wine looking to challenge common perceptions and the winemaker’s mind—a blend of Welschriesling and Yellow muscat produced in a way to add a new dimension. I’m speaking extended maceration and soaking of whole berries with maturation…

Batič - Angel selekcija white, 2018

Batič – Angel selekcija white, 2018

The night feels suitable to open one of those wines that simply everyone looks after when looking at a wine list. Miha Batič‘s Angel selekcija white, a blend of grapes matured in barriques and produced only in the best vintages….