Benčina – Pinot Noir, 2017

Benčina - Pinot Noir, 2017
Benčina – Pinot Noir, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s return to Vipava valley tonight, to the village of Lože, where the Bančina family looks over eleven hectares of vineyards. Tonight, we’ll look at one of their flagship wines, and this is the wine through which I first met them. It’s their expressive Pinot Noir which matured in oak barrels for almost two years.

Grapes are harvested at terraced vineyards that count for over thirty-five years after destemming and crushing the pomace macerates with fermentation for close to fifteen days. After pressing, the juice is racked into oak barrels, where it matures for twenty-two months. Then, finally, it is assembled and bottled.

Benična’s Pinot Noir displays a translucent, ruby red colour with dense texture.

Its sophisticated bouquet evokes ripe plums, cherries, and violet petals. These are followed by scents of vanilla, cloves, forest undergrowth and leather, finishing with a slight smoky touch.

The taste is dry, soft and reasonably warm. Yet the freshness is there, and we also taste its mineral signature. Tannins are slowly rounding off and letting us know it still has some path ahead. A wine of intensity, full-bodied and delicate, lasting elegance, which reveals flavours of black coloured fruit, rose, and hints of wood on the palate.

A bottle will cost you 15 Eur, and you can order it at Be wines,, or by contacting the winemaker at or by calling +386 41 650 662.

Benčina - Pinot Noir, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik“

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