Blažič – Rebula, Robida, 2015

Blažič - Rebula, Robida, 2015
Blažič – Rebula, Robida, 2015
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

We’re at the straight border with Italy, at the end of the village Plešivo in Goriška Brda. Basically, the last turn to the left before entering our neighbouring country is where the Blažič family is home.

They produce three lines of wines, which they divide into the fresh line, marked by wines of maturation in inox tanks, matured one marked by vinification and usage of oak barrels and selection produced only when Borut deems to have reached the highest quality and ripeness to produce it.

Today we’re tasting their Rebula Robida which falls into the matured line. Actually, this is a single vineyard expression of this grape variety bearing its name – Robida. The majority of Robida’s vines counts more than 45 years and some 10 plus. The vineyard is grassed and farmed in harmony with nature. The altitude is of 100 meters above sea level and soil Opoka.

Grapes are handpicked in small crates. After destemming and crushing they macerate for 5 days at uncontrolled temperatures, conducting alcoholic fermentation with grapes own yeasts and conducting spontaneous malolactic fermentation. The wine then matures for 4 years in used 500-litre oak barrels. It is then bottled without filtering.

This result in a Rebula with a deep golden yellow colour, with an amber hue.

Its scents are intense, of ripe apricot, papaya, dried orange, honey, dried Mediterranean herbs, vanilla, cloves, caramel, straw and pencil tip.

The taste is intense. We detected softness, but also warmness. On the other hand, freshness is expressed, minerals reinforce it and intricate with perceivable tannins.

This all results in an elegant, characterful wine with a complex texture and long-lasting taste.

Undoubtedly we have a Rebula that reminisces a rustic, traditional way of vinification.

This wine reflects warmness as is the feeling when visiting them. Such genuinely, heartwarming people as their wines are.

Blažič - Rebula, Robida, 2015 Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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