Boris Lisjak – Chardonnay, 2009

Boris Lisjak - Chardonnay, 2009
Boris Lisjak – Chardonnay, 2009
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold Ostrovršnik

We’re cruising over the village of Dutovlje tonight and stopping at Boris Lisjak, a real gentleman known for crafting distinctive, high-quality wines that express the elegant soul of Karst. He’s known for producing wines of traditional varieties, but few know that he also has some Chardonnay. And this is the wine we’ll be looking at tonight.

Tonight’s pick is an authentic treat and a rarity. Honestly, I seriously doubt he’s still producing it, but the elegance in this wine is outstanding. There’s barrel ageing with long bottle maturation resulting in a pleiad of secondary and tertiary aromas.

A wine with brilliant, golden-yellow colour and oily texture, indicated by slowly slipping tears.

Its bouquet is captivating. We detect ripe yellow fruit, golden delicacy, peach, orange jam, candied lemon and orange blossom. We glimpse scents of honey, beeswax, enhanced by the aromas of pan brioche, vanilla, cinnamon and dried Mediterranean herbs.

The taste is soft and noticeably warm. Acids work youthfully and balance the sensations when playing with minerality. It is a wine of intensity, nobility, and structure that pampers us with its long-lasting aftertaste.

If intrigued by tonight’s pick, you’d better contact the winemaker at or by calling +386 41 652 039.

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