Boris Lisjak – Sara, 2011

Boris Lisjak - Sara, 2011
Boris Lisjak – Sara, 2011
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

It is time we introduce a new winemaker here, someone that has been surprising me with his wines ever since I first met him. We’ll be looking at Karst’s own Boris Lisjak and his super Karstic cuvée named Sara.

Boris is the current head of the family that has been producing quality wines for more than 200 years. An avid believer in the Karst terroir, its tradition, and the infamous wine Teran, he started producing this super-red blend named after his granddaughter Sara.

A wine consisting of 40 % Refosco, 30 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 30 % Merlot that shows what ideal conditions, grown at Karst’s red soil and specific climate, mixed with genious winemaking can produce. A blend of wines that matured in oak barrels for at least six years, with a further year of bottle-maturation to assemble and merge into one, homogenous, elegant wine.

Sara boasts a deep, ruby red colour and a dense texture presented by coloured, slowly slipping, coloured tears.

The aromas are intense, luxurious. We notice blackberry, blueberry, plum, and a note of dried rose petals. Hints of pepper are joined by perceptions of cedar, vanilla, cinnamon, with eucalyptus and a slight note of graphite spicing up the sensations.

A wine of intense taste with softness and perceptible, well-integrated warmth. Its youthful freshness challenges time, especially when combined with rounding tannins. A bold wine of vigorous body, noble elegance lasting, intense persistency A one of a kind, royal rendition of a red blend from Karst!

A bottle will cost you approximately 35 Eur, and you can easily store it for the next seven years or more or drink it now. It will only spoil you with its elegance. You can get it at Koželj and Vinoteka Sodček.

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