Cigoj – Klarnica selection, 2019

Cigoj - Klarnica selection, 2019
Cigoj – Klarnica selection, 2019
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s head back to the Cigoj family tonight, as there’s a distinctive grape variety we should try. We’ll be looking at Klarnica, a traditional variety from the Vipava Valley that is known for its aromatic aspect. This one bears the orange label – Selection and means it matured in oak.

Klarnica is an ancient, traditional variety from the Vipava valley that is quite difficult to find. Not many winemakers produce it. It is said to originate from around the village of Dornberk. It used to be called “Mejina”, which means border, as it was usually planted at the vineyards’ boundaries.

This wine has been produced out of 20 years old vines. Grapes were destemmed and crushed, with the pomace macerating for approximately 17 days at controlled temperatures. Following a gentle pressing, the wine was racked into neutral barriques where it matured for ten months.

This results in a wine with an extractive, golden-yellow colour with amber hue and dense texture.

Its bouquet is accentuated. We perceive scents of ripe apricot, persimon, tangerine and passion fruit. Yellow roses are joined by hints of liquorice, caramel, cedar and straw.

The mouthfeel is intense, we notice softness but it is quickly washed away by its acidity, minerality and perceptible tannins. An intense wine, full-bodied with a lasting, elegant persistency.

A wine that can easily last for the next five to seven years. A bottle will cost you approximately 15 Eur, and you can order it at Vinoteka Sodček.

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