Cultus – Pinot noir Eclipse, 2016

Cultus - Pinot noir Eclipse, 2016
Cultus – Pinot noir Eclipse, 2016
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

There are times you come across a wine that falls under the “speciality” segment. Such is the case with this wine, which shows only an Eclipse on the front label. It’s a late harvest version of Pinot noir produced by Cultus from Vipava valley. It was harvested in 2016 when a solar eclipse happened on September 1st.

Grapes are coming from one of the first vineyards Matej decided to replant back in 2008 when he was still a student. His passion for Pinot noir drove him to plant vines at a well-sungazed plot where Merlot used to be planted, at an altitude of 205 meters above sea level. This sometimes can be a challenge, as the variety is delicate, but it can produce some intricating expressions as in this wine.

Late-harvested grapes were picked, destemmed and left to macerate for three weeks in stainless vinificators with spontaneous fermentation. After a gentle pressing, the wine was racked to mature for 13 months in oak barrels. Finally, it was bottled without filtration.

Cultus Eclipse presents a Pinot noir with a translucent ruby red colour and oily viscosity, that stops it swirl immediately in the glass.

Intense aromas indicate instantly this wine was produced from dried grapes. Prunes, blackberries, black raisins, with a whole plateau of sweet spices like vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, frankincense as well as notes of chocolate, molasses, red pepper and roasted nuts.

Medium-sweet on the palate, with softness and warmth, along with reasonable freshness and tannins, all together blending nicely into a balanced taste. An intense and accentuatedly elegant wine, full-bodied with lasting persistency in which the notes of raisins, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves and coffee are mainly reflected.

This is rather a rarity of a wine, which is available at Enotheqe and Green Papa.

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