Domaine Slapšak – Brut nature ŽČ, 2014

Domaine Slapšak - Brut nature ŽČ, 2014
Domaine Slapšak – Brut nature ŽČ, 2014

We’re spending some fantastic time at the Slapšak wine cellar tonight. And straight away, their Brut nature ŽČ is poured in our glasses. ŽČ stands for Žametna Črnina, which is the same variety as the World’s eldest vine that is still giving fruit. And no wonder it’s coming from Maribor and counts for more than 400 years!

I’ve been a fan of Slapšak wines ever since encountering them. Call it love at first sight, but there is a substance. And as you may know already, no surprise since François Botton, a Reims native oenologist, is co-shaping this story. But there’s a connection with native Slapšak twins here, and that’s the recipe for remarkable sparklers, point.

We’re enjoying the stay tonight, as their cellar turned out to be a pop-up restaurant, where the Repovž family – a Bib gourmand inn is hosting here as they’re renovating the place. So good food & good sparkling, what would one ask for more.

And as we’re seated here, a sparkler with brilliant, golden yellow colour with amber hues is poured in our glasses. “Opa!” I say to myself, let’s see. Numerous tiny and rather persistent pearls are floating towards the top of a crystal clear fluid.

The nose is delicate, refined. Res apple, peach, rose, and almond petals, a touch of lees, butteriness and a light undertone of chalk.

The mouthfeel is intense, brut nature, and pa dosage, but with a gentle softness as opposed to pronounced acidity, refreshing the palate and leaving a lovely mineral-chalky touch. Persistent, with just the proper structure and elegance to call for another sip.

Though, this wine is a matter of taste. It is very vertical, and some might feel challenged by it, but please, give it another, well thaught sip if you found yourself in my last words.

In connection to the last paragraph, the ŽČ has tremendous ageing potential, and it will easily perform for the next ten plus years. A bottle will cost you 17€, and you can get it at Vinoteka Sodček, Deliz, Sava Valley Wines and Parelwijn.

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