Domaine Slapšak – Brut Rosé, N. V.

Domaine Slapšak - Brut Rosé, N. V.
Domaine Slapšak – Brut Rosé, N. V.
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

I really enjoy returning to Telče, to the Slapšak family, to taste their amazing Peninas. Tonight we’ll have a look at their Brut Rosé that is produced following the traditional method from 100 % Žametna črnina – the same variety as the World’s oldest vine.

It undoubtedly is something special. This wine expresses an amazing harmony of fruitiness and the secondary aromas of maturation. Produced of 100 % žametna črnina, it surely is something unique. So unique Francois Botton, the oenologist from Reims, was quickly intrigued after examining it.

He quickly saw its potential in the production of sparkling wines, and the magic happened. The basic wine settles naturally and is bottled for secondary fermentation without filtration and fining. Just approximately 20 % of reserve wine is used in this wine. After ageing on lies for 15 months, it is disgorged and ready for the market, with a dosage of 7g/l.

This results in a Penina with brilliant, crystal clear, light pink colour with a hint of copper.

Its aromas are intense, seductive. First, we detect cranberries, currants, peaches, and roses. Then, over time, notes of rye bread, marzipan and Mediterranean herbs develop.

The taste is intense, softly seductive, freshness and bubbles pleasantly balance it. In the end, we taste the wines minerality that accompanies us in a long, structured and elegant aftertaste.

A bottle of Domaine Slapšak’s Penina Brut Rosé will cost you approximately 15 Eru, and you can order it at their website, Dobro vino, Vina Posavja, Deliz, Gostilna Repovž and Vinoteka Sodček.

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