Doppler – Efekt, 2018

Doppler - Efekt, 2018
Doppler – Efekt, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s taste a wine I’ve been keeping up for some time now. We’re back at the Doppler estate, to look at their blend of 20 % Furmint, 35% Silvaner, 10% Welschriesing, 15% Riesling and 20% Sauvignon blanc. A blend of elegance, matured in oak barrels.

For this wine only selected, hand-harvested grapes were used. They were destemmed, crushed and the must was left to clarify at controlled temperatures. The juice was then racked into used French barriques and a 2,000-litre barrel. Finally, it was assembled and bottled.

Doppler’s Efekt presents with a crystal clear, golden yellow colour with a dense texture.

Its bouquet is intense, intoxicating, raising expectations when poured. Initially, we identify a buttery note that intertwines with notes of vanilla and pan brioche. These are followed by hints of candied lemon zest, yellow apple, peach, grapefruit, pineapple and yellow rose.

The wine is dry, soft and reasonably warm. At the same time balanced by crisp freshness and minerality. Perceptions that bring just the right equilibrium between its soft and hard side. An intense tasting, structured wine of lasting persistency and pronounced elegance. A wine that surprises us by serving just the right touch of flavours, adding a touch of more with every other sip.

The wine is about to come to the market, and it will last for at least the next five years. You can order it at the winemaker by calling +386 41 73 73 73 or sending an email to

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