Dveri PAX – Pinot noir, 2014

Dveri PAX - Pinot noir, 2014
Dveri PAX – Pinot noir, 2014
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Tonight I want to indulge you in a little gem that hides behind the peaceful (PAX) doors (Dveri) of this Benedictine cellar, which has been producing wine since 1139. Our object of admiration is Dveri PAX‘s luminous Pinot noir, produced in 2014.

Štajerska is where continental climate meets with cold, alpine influences of the Pohorje hills. And the vintage, probably one to forget, as it was one of the rainiest ones of the past decade. But for the most astute and skilled winemakers, it also gave wines of high quality. Such is the case with this jewel.

Grapes are coming from Vajgen, one of their most esteemed vineyards of approximately 15 years of age in the immediate proximity of Maribor. They adopt contemporary vinification methods with more than 850 years of tradition. After a 2-week maceration it matured for 24 months in new and used barrique barrels of French oak, it was then bottled without filtration.

When poured in the glass, it parades with a transparent, ruby red colour with rich, extractive density.

The bouquet is alluring, of ripe plum, black cherry, blackberry, red pepper, rose petals, chocolate, cinnamon, carob, dried lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense and smoke.

The taste is precise, feels warm with an oily texture, and balanced with freshness and maturing, silky tannins. It takes us into a beautiful whirlwind of enduring and elegant perceptions of longevity.

A royal expression of this variety in a wine that fully expresses the mastery of the winemakers. Such a noble rendition of this wine even in such a challenging vintage!

Dveri PAX - Pinot noir, 2014
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold- Ostrovršnik

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