Edi Simčič – Fojana Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018

Edi Simčič - Fojana Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018
Edi Simčič – Fojana Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

There are specific names, certain wine families that can genuinely be labelled as the driving forces behind a particular wine region. But, of course, some areas have more of those and such is the case with Brda. Tonight, we’ll be stopping at one of those to look at one of the single-vineyard wines of the Edi Simčič winery; their Sauvignon, produced from grapes grown at the vineyard Fojana.

The single-vineyard line of wines was introduced in 2019, and I’ve had the honour of taking part in an exquisite tasting on the launch day. An unforgettable experience for sure.

Fojana is a north-facing vineyard that was planted in 1987. Sauvignon vines are planted at the bottom, where clay and marl soil mix at altitudes of approximately 112 meters above sea level. It is undoubtedly a unique location, as it benefits from cool breezes coming from the Alps, with the soil securing enough water to prevent water stress even in most draught seasons.

Grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. The mash is left to macerate for up to three hours at controlled temperatures before being pressed. The juice then ferments and matures on fine lees in French barrique barrels for ten months before being bottled. After two years of maturation in the bottle, it is finally ready to come to the market.

Sauvignon Fojana presents a crystal clear, strawy yellow colour with a golden hue and a dense texture.

Its bouquet is luscious, elegant. Varietal scents are enriched by the maturation in wood. Mediterranean herbs, sage, oregano, and notes of ripe gooseberry, pear are mixed with hints of almonds, hazelnuts, caramel and cedar.

The taste is soft, with well-integrated alcohols. Its crisp acidity cleanses the palate and surprises with its mineral, lasting aftertaste: a characterful and noble, structured wine with lasting and intense persistency.

A noble expression of Sauvignon with the potential to age for seven years and more. A bottle will cost you between 30 to 35 Eur, and this vintage will soon be available at eVino, Koželj, Vinexus and Moments.hr.

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