Edi Simčič – Rebula Fojana single-vineyard, 2018

Edi Simčič - Rebula Fojana single-vineyard, 2018
Edi Simčič – Rebula Fojana single-vineyard, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

We’re returning to the Edi Simčič estate tonight as there’s a gem we have to look at. We’re tasting their single-vineyard Rebula, the one coming from the Fojana vineyard that matured in oak.

This vineyard has another name Sveti duh (holy spirit), as it grows near a church at the village of Fojana, at an altitude of 157 meters above sea level. It sits atop of the slope and is irradiated by the sun the whole time. It was planted in 1980 in soil consisting of Opoka and stone, but it doesn’t lack water, which is excellent for water-stress prevention.

The production process features hand-harvesting and careful grape selection. After destemming and crushing, the pomace macerates for a couple of hours. It is then gently pressed, and the juice ferments in barriques on fine lees. Finally, it matures in barrique for ten months to be bottled without fining and filtration.

This results in a rebula with brilliant golden-yellow colour, with a thick consistency.

Its aromas are intense. We detect ripe apple, orange, even a hint of pineapple, yellow plum and almond blossom. A slight shade of vanilla indicates maturation in wood, but we also notice straw, wax, cloves and red-hot stone.

The taste is soft and with great incorporation of alcohol. The taste is balanced by the expressed freshness that leaves us with a mineral aftertaste. An intense, full-bodied wine with a lasting, elegant aftertaste.

It is a wine that has at least seven years ahead of it, an elegantly drinking, harmonious wine now, but with tremendous ageing potential. A bottle will cost you approximately 35 Eur, and you can order it at eVino, Koželj, Vinoteka Sodček, W-wiel-wein, Drinks&Co, Solativo, Moments, Ako.fi and Vinexus.

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