Emeran Reya – Yakot, 2017

Emeran Reya - Yakot, 2017
Emeran Reya – Yakot, 2017

Ah, what a day! Finally some sun, and what better way to spend it in Brda over a chat with Edvard from Emeran Reya, and sipping his macerated wines. Such as this Yakot, made from Tokaj grapes, so infamously renamed into Jakot, Sauvignon Vert or Sauvignonasse.

This is a variety you really should look after when in Brda, or looking over a wine list with wines from here. Tokaj really benefits from both, the moderate Mediterranean and Alpine climate. This is also what you get with this wine.

Edvard produces this expression from bunches that are coming form thirty-five years old grapes laid just below his estate and planted on north-west facing slopes. As due manner everything is looked after following organic farming principles, and you see high grass when walking through the vineyard.

Emeran Reya's vineyard
Emeran Reya’s vineyard

After destemming and crushing, grape mash macerated for up to eight days in open vats. Following gentle pressing the young wine was racked into used oak barrels with lees, stirring when needed.

Emeran Reya’s Tokay (note the fancy name) displays a deep golden yellow colour with a touch of haziness and dense texture.

Aromas are intense and driven forward by Mediterranean herbs, with milfoil, oregano, then pomelo, papaya, mango, caramelised apple, baked almonds, bread crust, sweet root and marl.

The taste is soft and fairly warm. At the same time it refreshes us and leaves a pleasant mineral. salty aftertaste with a touch of astringency. We detect again flavours of herbs, ripe fruit and marl that nicely interlace with the fresh and mineral character of this wine. Overall, we have a structured variation of Sauvignon Vert with an elegant and lasting aftertaste.

A bottle will cost yo approximately 15 Eur and you can order it by calling Edvard at +386 41 403 629 or sending an email to reya@siol.net. You can also get hit wines at RRselection. It has the stamina to evolve over the following five to seven years.

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