Ferdinand – Malvazija, 2020

Ferdinand - Malvazija, 2020
Ferdinand – Malvazija, 2020
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s head back to the Četrtič family to taste their rendition of classical Malvazija, bottled under the Ferdinand brand. It has been produced following protective vinification methods to express the most varietal expressions of this variety.

Grapes are coming from the vineyard Pročno and are planted on Ponka or, as Brici call it, Opoka. Whole bunches are pressed, the must is cooled to 10° Celsius and is left to stabilize and clarify overnight. Then it’s decanted into stainless vats where it conducts alcoholic fermentation. Finally, it is bottled in the summer of 2021 without conducting malolactic fermentation.

This results in a Malvazija with crystal clear, strawy yellow colour with brilliant reflections and a denser swirl.

Aromas are intense and remind of mango, melon, pear, almond and acacia flowers, all supported by a gentle hint of nuts.

The taste is intense and balanced. The soft texture blends beautifully with freshness and mineral flavour. The taste is intense, with medium structure and elegantly lasting.

A refreshing expression of Malvazija that will be a perfect fit for starters based on fish, even beef carpaccio or cold cuts. A bottle will cost you 11 Eur, and you can order it at their website, Koželj, Be-wines and Passione vino.

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