Ferdinand – Rebula, 2020

Ferdinand - Rebula, 2020
Ferdinand – Rebula, 2020
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s return to the Četrtič family as there is a Rebula I’m looking forward to tasting. It’s coming from their yellow marked range, which means vinification with protective techniques in stainless vats.

I’ve stopped at their new house recently, and what a sight. They have one of the nicest plots with a breathtaking view over Friuli Venezia Giulia. Too bad I was there at night, but still you could observe city lights shining underneath the stars, and you could see to the city of Monfalcone.

Matjaž and Jasmina Četrtič are running a genuinely prominent wine reality. Tonight we’ll be looking at their classical range, which is crowned by a yellow foil to further distinguish it from the rest of the line. Their plots are not typical wines when speaking of Brda, as they all share this crispiness and verticality underpinned by a lovely softness that is given by a more cool climate, with less afflux by the Mediterranean sea.

The view - not the most amazing picture though
The view – not the most amazing picture though

The fruit comes from the Polje, Birša vineyards that are planted in Opoka. Grapes are gently pressed and the must is cooled down to 10° Celsius. After 24 hours of sedimentation, the clean juice is decanted into stainless vats where fermentation starts at controlled temperatures. Finally, it is racked and bottled before malic fermentation kicks in.

This results in a brilliant, crystal clear, golden yellow coloured Rebula revealing accentuated density.

The aromas are intense and fine. We perceive a yellow apple, pear, a touch of gooseberry and tangerine. We also identify hints of almond petals and a slight herbal note.

The taste is intense, particularly refreshing and mineral. A rather structured expression of Rebula with accentuated elegance and lasting persistency.

A bottle will cost you approximately 11 Eur and you can order it at their website, Vino Gradoff, Angelbeck’s wine, Wine Chateau and Newton Wine & Spirits.

Ferdinand - Pinot Gris Epoca, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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