Ferjančič – Malvazija, 2020

Ferjančič - Malvazija, 2020
Ferjančič – Malvazija, 2020
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s head back to the village of Planina, above Vipava, to the Ferjančič family, as we’re tasting their Malvazija tonight.

This one is produced by protective winemaking methods with a lot of attention on cooling grapes in the vineyard and the production process using dry ice. After destemming, crushing and gentle pressing, the juice was racked into stainless vats where it fermented. After six months of maturation, it is bottled and ready for the market.

Ferjančič’s Malvazija is a wine with a very translucent, strawy yellow colour with dense texture.

Its bouquet is sophisticated. We notice pineapple, mango, and hints of acacia and almonds, with a slightly buttery finish.

The taste is intense, soft and slightly warm. Freshness balances the perception and leaves a slightly mineral aftertaste. An intense, structured Malvazija with an elegant, long-lasting taste.

An excellent wine for appetizers that will surely enrich the mood at the table. A bottle will cost you approximately 11 Eur, and you can order it at Vino direkt.

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