Istenič – Prestige cuvée, 2013

Istenič - Prestige cuvée, 2013
Istenič – Prestige cuvée, 2013
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

It is time we return to one of the most prominent families when it comes to speaking of sparkling – Penina in Slovenia. We’re at the Istenič family, and tonight we’ll be tasting their flagship wine, the Prestige cuvée that is produced with the traditional method.

Prestige is a blend of 60 % Chardonnay and 40 % Piot noir that is produced only in exceptional years. This is an assemblage of basic wines that have matured in stainless vats and a part in oak. after the assemblage the wine refermented and matured sur lie for a long time, gifting him with an autolytic character.

This results in a strawy yellow cuvée with a golden hue. Numerous, small and persistent pearls are reflected in it.

The bouquet is intense, mature. We notice a ripe yellow apple, pineapple slices, candied lime, and marzipan. Slight yeasty notes sound at the end and are especially reminiscent of festive bread in the mouth.

The wine is bone dry, soft. Its pearls caress us and play with the freshness of the wine, which in the end leaves a pleasant mineral imprint. A structured Penina with an intense and elegant, long-lasting taste.

One that can’t miss a spot at your end of the year’s party. A bottle will cost you 18 Eur, and you can order it on their website, TuamV, Bewine, Novel wines, Croatian Fine Wines, AlkoFi and Koželj.

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