Istenič – Rare, 2018

Istenič - Rare, 2018
Istenič – Rare, 2018

We’re moving to Posavje, specifically to the Bizeljsko hills tonight, to one of the most prominent families when it comes when speaking of sparkling wine. Yes, some of you guessed right, we’re at Istineč, looking at a wine that has seen only two releases so far. Hence probably also the name Rare.

Rare is a blend of 80 % Yellow plavec (rumeni plavec) and 20 % Chardonnay. OK, a Blanc de Blancs, you’d say, and yes. But this sees a different approach with production. Chardonnay ripens earlier than Yellow plavec, just ten days that are enough for its maceration.

Grapes of Chardonnay are hand-harvested, destemmed and left to macerate for ten days in open vats. The freshly fermented pomace is just sifted through casks, and the young wine is unified to the free-run juice of Yellow plavec. This ferments to form the basic wine that then goes for secondary fermentation with ageing on yeast for two years. It is finally disgorged without dosage.

Istinič’s Rare displays as a golden yellow coloured, brilliant sparkling wine with numerous fine and lasting pearls.

The nose starts with a distinctive note of yeast autolysis, which in time evolves into pan brioche, yellow apple, dried pineapple, peach, dried lemon zest and a scent of sea breeze.

The taste is bone dry, with crisp freshness and intense mineral saltiness, which in time evolves into an umami sensation. The flavour palate is pronounced, adding a touch of hazelnuts, toasted bread and dried stonefruit to the profile. The taste is intense, structured with an elegant and lasting aftertaste.

A bottle will cost you approximately 30 Eur, and for now, it’s better if you contact the winemaker for ordering it by calling +386 1 515 78 85 or sending an e-mail to

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