Jamšek 1887 – Pinot Noir, 2016

Jamšek 1887 - Pinot Noir, 2016
Jamšek 1887 – Pinot Noir, 2016
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Today we’re heading to Vipava valley to taste a refined expression of Pinot Noir, which underwent oak ageing. We’re in upper Vipava valley at the village of Manče, and this is where we can find one of the oldest barrels still being used to produce wine. It proudly bears the year 1887. Hence the estate bears the name Jamšek 1887.

I first tasted their wines something like four years ago, and the intensity and expression of those especially macerated ones, left an imprint on me. I remember the intensity and persistency of flavours vividly. On the other hand, I was struck by the purity and finesse of their Pinot Noir, and here we are today.

Hand-harvested grapes are coming from a young, grassed vineyard that was harvested for the first time in 2013. Following destemming and crushing, the mash macerated for a week and was then left to mature in barrique barrels for a year. Finally, it was bottled, and after years of schooling, it made it onto my table.

This Pinot Noir has a translucent, ruby red colour with a garnet hue and dense texture.

The bouquet is intense, with ripe fruit and spices intertwining. We detect roasted plums, dried cranberries, violet, fern, hummus, black pepper, leather, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla and a touch of smoke.

The taste is soft, oily in texture with pronounced freshness, mineral saltiness and rounding tannins. An intense, characterful, full-bodied Pinot Noir, with accentuated elegance and long persistency.

A wine each lover of this noble variety should taste, as it has every varietal aspect, crisp freshness and pronounced elegance. Plus, it is just coming to the right age to express its potential and characterful personality fully.

You can order it straight at their website for the price of 10 Eur, and if I may suggest, have some now, but keep some bottles stored for a couple of next years.

Jamšek 1887 - Pinot Noir, 2016

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