Jure & Jakob Simčič – I can’t stop Sauvignonasse, 2018

Jure & Jakob Simčič - I can't stop Sauvignonasse, 2018
Jure & Jakob Simčič – I can’t stop Sauvignonasse, 2018

It’s so beautiful when you see new wines being released by the sons and daughters of affirmed winemakers. To look at the way of thinking, the ideas behind it, and what family tradition has passed onto them. And such is the case with today’s choice. Jure & Jakob Simčič‘s I can’t stop Sauvignonasse.

Jure & Jakob, the brothers Simčič are the next generation of young, aspiring winemakers that are not just helping with work at Edi Simčič wines but also stepping into the wine world with big shoes. Actually, boys know the moves and the craft, which is evident when you speak with them. I’m always fascinated by their focus, direction and sheer enthusiasm.

Maria Ogl – head sommelier of Hiša Franko, told me that boys produced a Rebula under the I can’t stop label. Finally, today at lunch, I had the chance to taste the other wine produced out of Sauvignonasse (Sauvignon Vert). All this, thanks to Alenka Sušnik from the O vinu portal, who invited me to Monstera bistro for lunch.

Grapes for this wine are coming from two vineyards. Before the harvest, pied de cuve was made out of berries from these vineyards. It was used to inoculate the must as a fermentation starter for the must that was macerated for four days. After gentle pressing, it was racked directly into three used French barriques, where it matured for a year. It was then decanted into a neutral vat to fully incorporate and then bottled, only to undergo a year of bottle-maturation before its release to the market.

I can’t stop Sauvignonasse charms with a crystalline, extractive golden yellow colour and dense texture.

The bouquet is intense, inviting. We perceive ripe fruit, peach, mango, lemon, yellow rose, and Robinia merges with a scent of Mediterranean herbs. A note follows, announcing the maturation of the wine on lees and in oak barrels, but it is just right to enrich the wine. Pan brioche, vanilla, a slight note of white pepper.

The wine is accentuated by softness and well-incorporated alcohols while being fresh and mineral, a powerful combination balancing its taste. This Sauvignonasse tastes intense. It is full-bodied with a pronouncedly elegant and lasting aftertaste.

A bottle will cost you approximately 20 Eur and if you’d like to own one is best to contact Jure or Jakob at simcic.jure@gmail.com or simcic.jakobb@gmail.com.

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