Kobal – Modra frankinja, 2018

Kobal - Modra frankinja, 2018
Kobal – Modra frankinja, 2018
Photo: MIhaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

I find this modra frankinja (Blaufränkisch) produced by Kobal the perfect choice for today’s afternoon. This variety, that was pronounced autochtonous to Slovenia in 2016 is among the most planted red grapes of Posavje, the region where we’re headed today.

We’re at Janko and Andreja Kobal in Trnovec. I’ll admit straight away, I’ve come to know them and their wines recently, maybe 3 years or so ago, so pardon me for skipping the vital scoops of behind the scenes. But they’ve left an imprint on me, especially by the constant quality of their wines, and some of them we will discover here together.

So is the case with this modra frankinja. The vineyard is situated in Trnovec, at an altitude of 360 to 380 meters above sea level. The soil is a mixture of silica sand (remnants of the Pannonian sea) and clay. Vines had an average age of 15 years at the time of picking.

The must underwent an 18-day maceration at controlled temperatures in large vinificators on constant remontage. There it did both, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. After a gentle pressing, it was laid to mature in used oak barrique barrels for 12 months.

This results in a wine of a transparent, ruby red colour with tears slowly sliding on the wall of the glass.

Its bouquet is pronounced, fruity. We detect red cherries, cranberries, violets, dried leaves, leather, cloves, roasted nuts and chocolate.

The taste is intense, soft with perceiving warmness. Freshness and tannins are nicely blended into the balance of flavours. It all results in an elegant wine, of a medium to full body and medium lasting taste.

What a Blaufränkisch to present the winemaker. A great example of this variety, bringing a touch of oaky flavours to the fruitiness of the grape and I’m sure it will find lovers in a broad audience. When speaking of food, an easy, non demanding plate of pasta or maccheroni will be great!

Kobal - Modra frankinja, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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