Kobal wines – Roots Furmint 2020

Kobal wines - Roots Furmint 2020
Kobal wines – Roots Furmint 2020
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

It is time we return to Bojan Kobal to the sunny hills of Haloze as we set on to taste a non-conformist wine. We’re tasting his macerated Furmint, which is marked by extensive maceration and barrel ageing.

I’ve known Bojan for quite some years now, and we’ve judged at a few wine competitions together. And I could say he likes to look at both words, the conventional and unconventional one, but with the common ideal in mind – to craft refined, elegant and expressive wines, no matter the production process.

Tonight’s pick falls under a particular line of wines that are primarily dedicated to the US market. However, you notice by the label that he wants to attract young, progressive drinkers who like to look for unconventional wines. And such is the case tonight.

Grapes of Furmint macerated at warm temperatures for fifteen days with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. The wine then matured for seven months in used oak barrels and was bottled with minimum addition of sulphites without filtration.

This results in a wine with a misty, golden-yellow colour with a slight copper tint.

Its bouquet is intense and primarily fruity. We distinguish Jonagold apple,  pear, vineyard peach and lemon zest. Over time, we regard scents of tea tree, fine lees, slight perceptions of Mediterranean herbs and liquorice.

The mouthfeel is soft but remarkably fresh and mineral, with a gentle touch of tannin. The taste is intense, structured and lasting with charming elegance.

A wine with the potential to last for the next five to seven years that will enchant. A bottle will cost you approximately 20 USD, and it is imported into the States by Vinum USA. You can get it also at Stanley’s.

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