Kobal wines – Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018

Kobal wines - Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018
Kobal wines – Sauvignon single vineyard, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

We’re returning to Bojan Kobal tonight as there is an expression of a Sauvignon Blanc we should not miss. We’ll be tasting his black-labelled, single-vineyard wine which matured in oak.

We’re speaking of one of Bojan’s most prestigious vineyards from the steep slopes of Haloze hills. All wines under the black label undergo a similar production process. Grapes are hand-harvested, destemmed and crushed. Spontaneous fermentation with maceration kicks in, and the wine is then finally matured in barrique for twenty-four months before bottling.

This results in a Sauvignon Blanc with crystal clear, strawy yellow colour with a slight golden edge and pronounced density.

The bouquet is intense and combines varietal perceptions with maturation in wood. We detect thyme, elderflower, pear and apple with a slight gooseberry note. At the same time, scents of vanilla, butter and beeswax are glimpsed.

The taste is intense, soft and moderately warm. Emphasized freshness cleanses our palate and leaves a touch of minerality. A full-bodied wine of intensity and elegance, with a lasting taste.

An expressive, characterful Sauvignon Blanc expressing the Haloze terroir at its best. A bottle will cost you approximately 18 Eur, and you can order on their website or Vinoteka Sodček.

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