Kozinc – Joker Nord, N.V.

Kozinc - Joker Nord, N.V.
Kozinc – Joker Nord, N.V.
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s return tonight to the Kozinc family. To the small village of Impolje, close to Sevnica, to taste a Penina that shows why Dolenjska is gifted for the production of exceptional sparkling wines. A brut sparkler produced with the methode traditionnelle of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Yellow Plavec.

Grapes are coming from the vineyard Doma that faces northeast and the south-facing vineyard Laz; both planted at altitudes between 340 and 420 meters above sea level in soils that combine loam, marlstone and limestone. The basic wine is fermented in stainless steel vats and 225-litre oak barrels at controlled temperatures, with the secondary fermentation and maturation in the bottle for at least the next three years until finally being disgorged. The final dosage amounting to 6 g/l of residual sugars.

Joker Nord displays a crystal clear, strawy yellow colour with golden hues. Numerous and tiny bubbles form a persistent crown atop it.

Its aromas are pleasing and intense. We notice yellow apple, lemon, a hint of orange blossom, straw, light buttery notes, and a sweet bread crust.

The taste is intense, dry, at the same time soft and refreshing. Its bubbles caress us and emphasize the long-lasting, elegant aftertaste, full of structure and fruitiness.

A wine that is ideal for drinking as an appetizer, but also as starters. A bottle will cost you approximately 16 Eur, and you can order it at Gostilna Repovž, Vina Posavja and Koželj.

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