Malvazija Sur lie 2018, Movia – Lan

Malvazija Sur Lie 2018, Movia - LanI got pretty excited when some time ago a picture popped at my Facebook timeline. In the picture – Lan Kristančič, son of Vesna and Aleš Kristančič, the charismatic couple behind Movia – holding in his hand a bottle of malvazija, which is usually represented in their Turno white wine.

At first one would say “OK, another bottle of malvazija …”, but after a closer look at the label what sparked my interest was a small inscription at the bottom of the etiquette – Lan. Yes, it is the first wine wearing the name of this young fella!

Fast forward by a couple of days and one bottle made its way to me, and boy what a wine!


This malvazija has been macerated for a day at low and another one without any impact on temperature to be later laid in new Slavonic oak barrels of 180 litters for 8 months. As in the name “Sur lie” it is marked by an 8 months ageing on lees with constant racking. No sulfites added before bottling.

In the glass

The wine is of a strawy yellow colour with a slight golden hue. Bottled with lees, without filtration is what makes it quite limpid, of a quite to consistent density.

The nose reveals a whole spectre of matured fruit, golden delicious apple, quince, apricot, tropical fruit like pomelo, pineapple, dried grass … A little spin in the glass and buttery notes, almond, white pepper and acacia flower notes emerge. An intense, fine and rich bouquet.

The palate is dry, soft and medium warm and is countered by the freshness and tastiness with a slight spicy finish. The taste feels balanced also mostly due to its softness. It is on an intense, lasting and elegant taste. Its body is full making it an ideal pairing also for more structured dishes.

This malvazija has been bottled recently, which only means it will get better. It is full of life and a wine which shows a great ageing potential!


Drinking this wine the word “legacy” pops into my mind. If you met Lan and his sister Ela you know them for the confidence, kindness and brightness and this is reflected in Lan’s first autographed wine. This is also due to the dedication, respect and affection this family shares and transfers to its posterity. Vesna and Aleš you can sincerely be proud of your kids!

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