Marof – Chardonnay Kramarovci, 2018

Marof - Chardonnay Kramarovci, 2018
Marof – Chardonnay Kramarovci, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršniik

It is time to return to Marof, as Uroš Valcl has a Chardonnay we need to look at. We’re tasting the Kramarovci Chardonnay, which has been matured in oak barrels.

The Kramarovci is a special Klimat, as the soil is a mixture of basalt tuff, phyllite slate, calcareous sandy marl, residual marine sediments or, as you may have guessed,,, the terrain of an extinct volcano. It is Marof’s most northern exposure, with 41 years old vines planted on altitudes between 320 and 350 meters above sea level, all organically farmed.

Hand-harvested grapes are destemmed and crushed. After four days of skin maceration, the mash is pressed with the juice racked into big barrels for 15 months. No new oak is used. An approximate 10% is used as the base for fermentation – pied du cuve. Finally, it is bottled without filtration.

This results in a dense Chardonnay with a translucent, crystal clear golden yellow colour.

Its aromas are intense and refined, revealing ripe fruit, apple, peach, yellow plum, and hints of yellow flowers, honey and roasted nuts. Finally, we find Mediterranean herbs and sweet spices.

The taste is intense, revealing softness, but on the other hand, it displays freshness, minerality and a slight touch of tannin. A wine with intense taste, full-bodied with lasting, elegant persistency.

A wine for contemplation, but also for pairing with food. Most of all, with a massive potential for ageing. A bottle will cost you approximately 32 Eur, and you can order it at Theaterofwine and Kissling weine.

Marof - Chardonnay Kramarovci, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostorvršnik

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