Moro – Margherita white, 2019

Moro - Margherita white, 2019
Moro – Margherita white, 2019
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

It is time we introduce a new winemaker here. We’re at the Moro winery in Brda, looking at their expression of macerated Rebula that bears the name Margherita and has matured in egg-shaped oak vessels.

Moro is a wine cellar catching the attention in the last years, and it’s no wonder why, once you taste their wines. They are cultivating seven hectares of grassed vineyards below the village of Vipolže at altitudes between 100 and 200 meters above sea level. Wines are expressive and characterful, and such is tonight’s pick.

Margherita white is produced from grapes of hand-harvested Rebula. Bunches were destemmed, crushed and macerated for two weeks. Ultimately the wine fermented and matured in an egg-shaped oak Clayver for one year, to then be racked and matured for six months in barrique.

This results in a golden-yellow coloured wine with an amber hue and a dense texture.

Its aromas are intense and refined. Orange peel stands out and is followed by red apple, papaya and apricot. Perceptions of dried Mediterranean herbs, dried tobacco, liquorice and grape skins follow.

Its taste is intense, we discern softness, but the acidity, minerality and perceptible tannin stand out—a wine with elegant taste, vigorous body and lasting persistency.

Margherita is a refined expression of macerated Rebula that will refine with ageing over the next seven years or even more. To get a bottle, it is best you contact the winemaker at +386 51 604 649.

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