Movia – Exto Gredič, 2019

Movia - Exto Gredič, 2019 Movia – Exto Gredič, 2019
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Oh, what I wine for tonight! And what a winemaker we’re looking at. A real wine institution, which celebrated a respectful 200 years in 2020. We’re at Aleš Kristančič, the renowned winemaker among the driving forces that helped put Slovenia on the World wine map. We’re speaking of Movia, and we’ll start with due manner, with the wine that each year comes to the market first – Exto Gredič.

Exto stands for Ex Tokaj, which means it is produced from Sauvignon vert or Sauvignonasse, or Friulano. The vineyard is planted in Gredič and counts for 15 years of age. It faces south exposures, with the soil being a mix of marl and limestone. All the viticulture and vinification follows natural cycles with principles of biodynamic farming.

Grapes are destemmed and undergo 2 days of cold maceration with grapes indigenous yeast. After a gentle pressing, the juice is transferred to mature in 3.000-litre French oak barrels with lees. It matures there for 8 months without racking and is then bottled. After a 4-month bottle ageing, it is finally presented to the market. And what a gem!

It has a clear, golden yellow colour with a dense texture.

Its bouquet is intense, with alluring aromas of kiwi, green apple, white pear, passion fruit, mango, yellow grapefruit, melon, jasmine flower, notes of fresh grass, white tea, thyme and mint. Finishing with delicate hints of butter, white pepper and vanilla.

It pleasantly embraces our mouth with its oily texture. Freshness stands out nicely and surrounds our buds with an interweaving of mineral perceptions, prolonging the taste’s persistency.

A wine of emphasized elegance, which is full-bodied and long-lasting, with a lovely spicy finish.

This expression of Sauvignon vert presents a youthful character, but will only develop and mature for the coming five years at least. It emphasizes the varieties ability to deliver a refreshing, herbal wine, especially with such a masterful understanding of the variety.

This wie will cost you a fair 17 Eur, and you can get it at eVino, Koželj and through the World. It is a great wine to enjoy now, but it still has time to evolve, as is the case with all of Movia’s wines, always amazing us with their longevity.

Movia - Exto Gredič, 2019 Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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