Movia – Puro rose, 2013

Movia - Puro rose, 2013
Movia – Puro rose, 2013
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

We’re dedicating this day to Love. It’s Valentine’s day, and I got the perfect wine to sparkle the passion. Like when the sun dives into the sea at sunset and the moon lits the evening sky, Movia‘s quintessential Puro rose is what will make the energies resonate in a swirl of emotions when popped open.

Puro is such an iconic sparkler; it has become a lifestyle, a Puro movement. It is produced in such a way it fills the room with a feeling of mysterious anticipation while opening it.

Produced solely with Pinot noir, coming from a single vineyard – Kasarna (barracks). It is planted on Opoka – a mixture of marl and limestone – and counts for 35 years of age.

Grapes are hand-picked at the end of September, destemmed and put to macerate. Alcoholic fermentation is started spontaneously, with indigenous yeast. After its finish, the mash waits for a further week before being gently pressed and left to mature for 18 months in French oak Barriques.

After this ageing, the base wine is bottled with approximately 7 % of the current year’s grape juice. As it contains sugars and indigenous yeast, it acts as liqueur de tirage. It starts secondary fermentation in its final abode, where it waits for a minimum of 24 months, fully fermenting and leaving a residual sugar of 1,2 g/l. 2013 is their latest release. This means it waited patiently in the bottle for almost 6 years!

As Puro isn’t disgorged, no So2 is added, and you are the one left with the pleasure of enchanting your better half with its opening. But what better way to see how this ritual is done than looking at its creators – Aleš and Lan Kristančič.

Puro has a brilliant, cherry pink colour, with a slight copper tone. It forms long chains of tiny bubbles that bloom elegantly at the top.

Its intense bouquet evokes scents of orange peel, ripe peach, raspberry, currant, red rose, roasted almonds, notes of wild mint, as well as butter and rye bread crust.

The mouthfeel is bone dry, we sense the softness, which is washed away by its intense refreshing sensation and minerality. We feel the latter through a pleasant bitterness.

It is an intensely enticing wine, with emphasized elegance, long persistence and a full-body, guaranteed to sparkle swirls of passion.

Puro is a harmonious sparkling wine that enchants in its complexity and liveliness, which is ready to drink now, but it will age further for ages as it hasn’t been disgorged. You can get it at Koželj for 28 Eur, but I’m sure there are plenty of importers around the globe and getting it shouldn’t be a challenge.

Interested in finding about Movia more? Here’s my impression of their Exto Gredič.

Movia - Puro rose, 2013
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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