Piro – Pinot Gris, 2019

Piro - Pinot Gris, 2019
Piro – Pinot Gris, 2019

Time to return to the Jakončič family. Those, that are releasing wines under the name Piro and we’ll have a look at their Pinot Gris that has been produced by fermentation with attentive care to preserve its primary aromas.

The name Piro might sound unusual but it is how the grandfather of Tibor and Tomaž, named Peter, was called by his peers and they are the fourth generation of winemakers. They release wines under two lines, the one produced with reductive vinification methods and the premium line, marked by oak refinement, named after their most prominent plot – Bosc. They also produce a sweet, passito wine.

Tonight’s pick is their Pinot Grigio, which was produced with a short, cold maceration of the juice. It was then racked into stainless vats where it matured for ten months on fine lees before being bottled.

This results in a strawy yellow coloured Pinot grigio with golden hues, and expressed viscosity.

Its aromas are intense and refined, we perceive white peach, pineapple, lemon peel, almond blossom and a touch of minerality hints.

The palate is soft, moderately warm, yet firmly fresh and mineral, just enough to balance the sensations. Intense and elegant, structured with lasting persistency. Even though it is a fruit-forward wine the palate reveals a flavour of sweet bread.

A wine that is thankful for pairing it with an array of dishes thanks to its structure, freshness and minerality. A bottle will cost you approximately 10 Eur and you can get it at Koželj and Fina Slovina.

Piro - Pinot Gris, 2019
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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