Prinčič – Rebula, 2017

Prinčič - Rebula, 2017
Prinčič – Rebula, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

We are heading back to Brda tonight to taste the queen of this prominent wine district. We’re at the Prinčič family from Kozana, and tonight we’ll have a look at their expression of Rebula produced in stainless steel vats.

It’s a version of wine produced with care to minimise the contact with oxygen in each step of the production phase. Hand-harvested grapes from terraced vineyards were pressed. The must was left to clarify and then transferred to ferment for six months in stainless vats with fine lees. Fermentation was controlled between fourteen and sixteen degrees celsius. After bottling, it spent a couple of months in the cellar before coming to the market.

It’s rare to come across a Rebula produced in this style with four years of age, but actually, it’s pretty surprising how it has kept its shape for all this time.

It shines in our glass with a crystal clear, golden yellow colour.

Its aromas are intense, reminding overripe tropical fruit. We notice pineapple, dried apple slices, orange peel, yellow plum jam, nutmeg, dried yellow rose, roasted almonds, saffron, also a hint of bread crust, oregano and hay.

Its taste is bone-dry, with lively freshness and saltiness. Its taste displays structure and a medium to lasting persistency. Undoubtedly, we’re tasting a mature expression of Rebula that shows how having the acidic backbone helps maintaining it in life, and I believe it can keep this shape for the next two to three years.

All in all, I admit I was pleasantly surprised by how it is keeping its shape through time. There are a couple of stores you can get it, such as, Vinoteka Sodček,, Enolike, 13vol and

Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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