Puklavec family wines – Brut Nature, N. V.

Puklavec family wines - Brut Nature, N. V.
Puklavec family wines – Brut Nature, N. V.
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s return tonight to the Jeruzalem – Ormož hills tonight to look at a sparkler that might light your glasses this new years eve. We’re tasting the Brut Nature from the Puklavec family wines golden line.

Brut Nature is a cuvée of Chardonnay and Pinot blanc produced with the classical method. The basic wine is produced from a selection of grapes, with the juice fermenting in stainless vats and later secondary fermentation and maturation sur lie, to create an elegant, fruit-driven sparkling wine with gentle autolytic notes that can be an excellent aperitif or enjoyed in the company with friends.

Brut Nature displays a brilliant, golden yellow colour with many fine and quite persistent bubbles.

Its aromas are intense. We detect apple, pear, orange and lemon blossom with soft notes of bread crust, butter and nuts.

The taste is intense, very dry, its acidity is emphasized, and at the same time, it is minerally salty. An elegant sparkling wine with medium texture and a lasting aftertaste.

A bottle will cost you approximately 8 Eur, and you can order it at their online store or look for it at many retail chains in Slovenia and abroad.

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