Radikon Davorin & Marko – R Tok, 2019

Radikon Davorin & Marko - R Tok, 2x019
Radikon Davorin & Marko – R Tok, 2×019

Tonight I’m sharing with you a story of discovery. Even though I’ve spent some time around Brda, I’ve never managed to stop at Davorin and Marko Radikon. I’ve been driving past the signs for their homestead in Kozana but never really had the chance of going there. And since they focus mainly on the HORECA segment, I’ve never really had the opportunity to taste their wines properly.

So today, it was like a first encounter. And it happened by coincidence, as I wanted to stop ad Edvard Reya, but he was just on the way to Marko Radikon. Fast forward a couple of minutes, and there I was with the youngsters letting the fire for the BBQ.

I’m quickly handed a glass of wine, and my geek brain starts digging in it. “Oh, this is a Tokaj (by this I was referring to the variety Furlanski Tokaj, or Sauvignon vert or Sauvignonasse or Friulano, which is how locals still call it.) …” I say straight away. “But it has this primarily protective character, though on the palate I get more nuttiness, butteriness …”. And Marko nods. “Yes, yes …”. And this is how the story starts unfolding.

This Sauvignon vert named R Tok is sourced from three different vineyards. The youngest counts for approximately fifteen years, and the other two almost fifty. Grapes were hand-harvested and vinified separately. Bunches from the youngest were directly pressed and the freerun juice fermented in stainless vats, while part of those coming from one of the oldest vineyards matured in large barrels and the other in barriques. All of it for a year and was later assembled and bottled. And there was the answer to my presumptions.

Beautiful view towards the sea
Beautiful view towards the Adriatic sea. Unfortunately, weather wasn’t helping.
Radikon Davorin & Marko - R Tok, 2x019
Radikon Davorin & Marko – R Tok, 2×019

This expression of Sauvignon vert displays a strawy yellow colour with a golden rim and dense texture.

Intense aromas, with herbs coming to the foreground. We detect mint, nettle, rosemary, followed by pomelo, yellow grapefruit, lemon zest, white peach, green apple, chamomile, almonds, buttery hints, bread crust and a touch of vanilla.

The mouthfeel is oily, luscious. Even though it has 14,5 % vol. of alcohol, you don’t sense it, it’s well-integrated, and actually, freshness gives a crispy zing and leaves a distinctive salty aftertaste. Aromas are reconfirmed on the palate, emphasising flavours of butteriness, almonds, and nettle—a wine of pronounced elegance, full-bodied with a lasting aftertaste.

A wine which you can currently find only at restaurants, but you can also order at the number +386 40 295 292. It will cost you approximately 12 Eur (hopefully, I remember this correctly). Marko is the fourth generation of winemakers of the Radikon family. Their homestead is located on top of the hill in the village of Kozana. They own twelve hectares of property, out of which eight are vineyards, and currently are transitioning towards organic winemaking. They have a super-modern wine cellar, and you see the sheer enthusiasm and pride on Marko’s face when he proudly presents his wines. Overall a first encounter which I’m sure wasn’t a last. Hopefully, I manage to return there soon. And guys, thanks for inviting me over. Cheers!

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