Sanabor – Floridia N. V.

Sanabor - Floridia N. V.
Sanabor – Floridia N. V.
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s return to the village of Ravnje, to the family Sanabor, as tonight we set to taste their sparkling rosé. We’ll be having a look at Floridia, which is produced with Pinot noir, according to the methode traditionelle.

There is a micro-location between Vipava Valley and Karst where the soil composition consists of Jarina – Karst’s terra rossa and marlstone – which gives ideal conditions for the growth of varieties planted in both zones. It’s the subzone Vrhé, and this is where Igor, Jelka and their two daughters look after vines on both soil types.

Floridia is a rose produced out of Pinot noir. It is marked by a thirty-six months maturation sur lie with the dosage of less than five g/l of residual sugars.

It presents to us with a salmon colour and a slight copper hue. Floridia reflects many tiny bubbles of longer persistence.

The bouquet is intense, reminiscent of blood orange, pomegranate, as well as cranberries and currants, with a nice touch of rye bread crust and butter in the finish.

The wine is bone dry, refreshing and mineral. Of a pleasant structure and elegance with a reasonably persistent taste.

A wine to enjoy in purity or as an accompaniment of raw fish dishes. If the description intrigues you, contact the winemaker at +386 51 619 204 or send an email to: to order it.

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