Ščurek – Kontra, 2019

Ščurek - Kontra, 2019
Ščurek – Kontra, 2019
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Saturday night calls for something different, something that goes against common directions, and what better choice than Ščurek‘s Kontra. A barrel-fermented blend of Rebula and Chardonnay. And trust me when I say, we’re going Kontra imagination this time.

Grapes are coming from the vineyard Grotišče, planted at 100 to 180 meters above sea level facing south. Vines count for 54 years of age and are planted in Flysh – interchanging layers of sandstone, marlstone, limestone and mudstone.

All bunches are hand-harvested. Rebula grapes were carefully destemmed by hand, and the berries were put in 300-litre oak barrels together with Chardonnay must, which consists of fermenting freerun juice. Fermentation started spontaneously, and everything waited patiently in barrels for 11 months.

Only 1.200 standard bottles and 100 Magnum bottles were hand-bottled without filtration, so we’re speaking of limited quantities. And it had to wait patiently for a further six months before coming to the market.

This results in a wine of a hazy, golden yellow colour with a deep texture.

The bouquet is intense, reminiscent of grape berries soaked in alcohol, ripe yellow plum, yellow apple, carambola, passion fruit and lemon. Buttery notes are accompanied by acacia honey, vanilla, cinnamon, saffron, anise, and dry Mediterranean herbs and flint.

The taste is a swirl of intensity, soft, but above all fresh, tasty and astringent—a charismatic wine with a vigorous body and an elegant, lasting taste.

Now, have in mind that this is the latest vintage, and it is an actual adolescent who needs to be tamed with further bottle-ageing. But it displays elegance and the potential to evolve into a noble wine that many will appreciate. It’s ready to drink now, but you can easily keep it stored for at least seven years before opening it.

A bottle of Ščurek’s Kontra will cost you approximately 24 Eur, but this vintage is not available on any of the sites. Even better if you ask me, here’s a vintage 2015 at Vinoteka Sodček, 2016 at Koželj, 2017 at Mabat Int and 2018 at Be Wine.


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