Steyer – Dišeči traminec izbor, 2017

Steyer - Dišeči traminec, 2017
Steyer – Dišeči traminec, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold

From Steyer – The house of Gewürztraminer comes this true homage to an Auslese version of this aromatic variety. Commonly you will find it named traminec on Slovenian labels.

It boasts in the glass with a crystal clear, golden yellow colour and dense, oily texture.

The bouquet is intense, varietal, fragrant with hints of Botrytis well incorporated in it. White roses, jasmine, chamomile, apple slices, white peaches, lemon, flower honey and herbs are detected.

The taste is in perfect balance, sweet, soft, its freshness and minerality nicely balancing its pronounced sweetness. Its nobleness of taste reflects in its complex structure of lasting persistency. A tempting wine which will spoil the palate of many!

I served this wine next to slices of Crispy panettone by Tomaž Kavčič, the chef at Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Dvorec Zemono, as dessert today, and guests loved it. The wine’s sweetness and complexity nicely paired to the flavours and structure of slices of the panettone.

Tomaž launched in December his latest creation Zemono+, a selection of products meticulously created by the Michelin-starred chef himself. The Crispy panettone is a traditional version of the panettone, but it is packed with a twist. Slices are gently toasted, making it crispy and with lovely Maillard aromas. So good you simply cannot stop eating them!

Steyer - Dišeči traminec, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold

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