The stars of wine will shine at Park

Movia - Park wine stars
Movia – Park wine stars

It’s that time of the year! The time for the stars of wine to shine at the annual Park Wine Stars event at HIT hotel and casino Park, Nova Gorica. The event will indulge our senses tomorrow, 31st of January and personally I’m always excited about it.

This is a great occasion to meet and greet producers and to taste their wine. The event became a tradition and it is something that attracts wine lovers from here, Italy and abroad. So what can you expect tomorrow?

22 winemakers from Primorska region

It’s the sixth time of Park wine stars, and the team at hotel Park’s restaurant Tiffany has managed to attract important names of Primorska’s winemaking scene. Besides them, a number of smaller, lesser-known producers are there, and this is a great way to learn new things and taste their wine. Oh, and each winemaker will present 3 of their selected wines!

An aromatic challenge

Aroma bar - Park wine stars
Aroma bar – Park wine stars

I always loved this happening as it had a dedicated section that covered an array of aromas to help you identify different scents in the wine you hold in your glass – classy! Well, this year they upgraded it, now it will be our turn to identify a specific wine. 3 different wines of 3 different vintages will be put on the test. Guests will have to identify the right wine and vintage. Among those who will score 100 or 50 %, they will be able to win a dinner for 2 at one of the eno-gastronomic events held at Park’s restaurant Tiffany.

Dishes by 7 chefs

HIT is present in different Slovenia’s culinary regions, and this is great. They’ve taken this into their advantage and tomorrow you’ll be able to taste traditional dishes with a modern spin from all over Slovenia. The chefs that will be presenting dishes are: Janja Bučič – Korona, Tadej Jug – Park, Mario Kolenda – Mond, Boštjan Kovačič – Hit Aplinea, Aleksandar Travica – Perla, Sebastjan Pahor – Lipa, and Alen Pernek – Park.

So hurry, book your ticket now! Or, you can buy it tomorrow at the reception desk. Anyhow, if this still did not convince you, enjoy the gallery of last year’s event below!

See you!

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