UOU – Merlot Gospodovo, 2018

UOU - Merlot Gospodovo, 2018
UOU – Merlot Gospodovo, 2018
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Tonight’s post is about stubbornness and persistency. It’s a post of sheer enthusiasm and belief, something that unites the Consortium of abandoned vineyards and drives them to craft unique, artisanal wines under the UOU name. Tonight we’ll be looking at their Merlot, which did oak maturation.

The story of the Consortium is a fable on its own. Something that was born out of a dream and curiosity but attracted many into following. Marinko Pintar the centrefold of this story – a humble, heartwarming and simple figure that welcomes you in his cellar openly. Immediately a bottle is popped open, while a brick of the most beautiful local cheese and salami is being cut in front of you.

UOU is the local dialect for ox, a stubborn yet powerful and helpful animal that helped families in many ways. As it is written on the label: “The name of this wine, produced with heart and passion, invokes the memory of an ox. Harnessing animals that have helped people in our places – being also strong, persistent and stubborn, for centuries to survive.

Bunches for this merlot were hand-harvested at the vineyard of Gospodovo. A vineyard that was planted in 1978. Grapes were destemmed and crushed. After twenty days of maceration in open vats, the mash is gently pressed and racked into used oak barrels. This is where it matures for approximately eighteen months with fine lees. Finally, it is bottled without filtration.

This results in a Merlot of deeper, bright, ruby-red coloured wine with dense texture. It stops quickly, with slow, thick tears.

The nose is filled with intense aromas of black cherries, blackberries, plums. And notes of dried red roses and red pepper. Behind this eucalyptus, cloves and cedar.

A dry expression o Merlot with pronounced softness and reasonable warmth. A fresh and mineral wine with a tannic texture slowly starting to round up. A balanced wine of intensity with a full body and lasting aftertaste. A wine of intensity and elegance.

A bottle will cost you approximately 28 Eur, and you can order it at Dobro vino, Be Wines, Faladur and Kletvica.


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